NOMITEZ ZIPPER Waterproof Mattress Protector


** Highlight of the product
Anti Dust Mites
Waterproof Comfortable Fabric
Hand Wash and Machine Washable
Zippered and Fitted Options. *Zippered has more protection
** Instruction for use and care
-Encase mattress and pillows with Nomitez Mattress Cover
-Put your usual bed linen over Nomitez Mattress Cover and use normally
-Protect Nomitez Mattress Cover from damage by sharp or protruding objects
-Wash Nomitez Mattress Cover only if dirty as removal release house dust mites into the bedroom. Hand Wash is recommended with detergent, water, dry and re-use the same day. This covers dries rapily in the sun.
-Vacuum the mattress and pillow before encasing it with Nomitez Mattress Cover
**The size to be at bottom and has checkbox to tick
Mattress Encasement (W x L x H)
Single 90 x 190 x 20cm
Super Single 105 x 190 x 20cm
Queen 152 x 190 x 25cm
Extra Queen 152 x 190 x 33cm
King 183 x 190 x 25 cm
Extra King 183 x 190 x 33 cm
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