No one wants to have a wet mattress. And with our help you won’t have to worry about that ever again. We are a company that provides high quality mattress protectors at the best prices on the market. We created Aula Shield with a single premise, and that is to offer you the best and highest quality bedroom products on the market.

Aside from mattresses, we are also offering a wide array of accessories and items that you can use in your bedroom. If you’re looking to sleep better while also trying to keep your mattress away from getting wet, we are in the right place. And with Aula Shield you finally get to have all the assistance and support that you always wanted.

Who are we?

Aula Shield was created in 2012 by me, Rahimah Yasin. I started it as a work-from-home business with the idea of helping parents that have bed wetting children. I know how challenging it is to see those mattresses and bedding wet every day. But it’s a part of life, and you think you have to deal with it every day. Thankfully, through Aula Shield I started offering clients the unique opportunity to use a waterproof mattress protector. You won’t have to clean up the mattress every time your child wets the bed. I am a person focused on functionality and value, and I truly believe that you can get amazing results and great value as long as you commit to the process and make it work. And that’s the thing that I strive to achieve via Aula Shield.
Initially Aula Shield was created mostly for kids, however the company also had request for the elderly too. Nowadays you can find anything bedroom-related on our store. We sell sleepwear, furniture and accessories, among many others..

Why buy from us?

The primary benefit is that our pillows, mattresses and waterproof bedding received an international certification from OEKO-TEX and SGS. On top of that, we have a plethora of amazing solutions for your bedroom, and you just need to find the right ones to suit your requirements. Since the entire team from Aula Shield has worked in the industry for many years, we know what customers want and that’s why our products cover all of that every time. Plus, there’s also a dedicated team that will be there to help you with any questions or inquiries if needed.
On the Aula Shield website you also have the ability to use any payment system you want at your own pace too. and in case you have any issues, our after sales service will be there to assist. There’s even a dedicated R&D team to provide new solutions and improve the current ones. Don’t hesitate and try out our extraordinary products for your bedroom, we guarantee you will like them a lot!

Sangat berpuas hati bila tahu ada produk alas ini yang sangat membantu saya yang menjaga keluarga yang sakit. Jika tidak, pasti kesan belakang badan mereka menjadi lebih teruk. Terima kasih AulaShield yang sangat-sangat membantu.

SHERLINA, Pengguna / Sarawak

Pengalaman menggunakan Alas tilam dari AulaShield ini sangat mengujakan saya. Jika dahulu masalah hama, pepijat sangat-sangat mengganggu tido saya dan isteri, tetapi sekarang tidak lagi!

MOHAMMAD KAMIS, Pengguna / Kuala Lumpur

Bila selepas bersalin terutama ketika berpantang dan anak masih bayi, sebagai ibu memang akan berhati-hati nak letakkan anak walaupun dimana jua. Bila jumpa dengan alas AulaShield ni, ianya sangat membantu saya menguruskan anak lebih-lebih lagi. Guna Underpad paling mudah, sebab boleh bawa travel!

NURLIANA, Pengguna / Selangor